Argentum Welding LLC

CAM01250We will create a dramatic and stylish access to any rooftop deck attic space, outside balcony, and give your home a level of distinction both inside and out. For a stylish and sophisticated design in minimal space, call us about our custom designed metal spiral stairs. In Sarasota call (941) 924-5533 or Tampa call (813) 321-7939.

Our Spiral Stairs are of the highest quality, created by the best metal craftsman in Sarasota. Our design engineers will assist you in creating just right look for the spiral stairs intended purpose and will help you with location and placement of the stairs.

Great Design Saves Space

Our Metal Spiral Stairs are compact in their design. Our designs can take up as few as 5 feet in diameter. Created with high quality materials and anchored at the base and top for a sturdy look and feel.

Sophisticated Look

Our Spiral Stairs add instant sophistication to your place of business or residence. They will created a compelling and dramatic feeling to an otherwise plain and ordinary space. Placed outside, they can be a great alternative to an elevator or traditional stair case .

Not Sure What You Want?

Relax! Our design engineers, will created a 3D drawing of your Metal Spiral Stairs, letting get an idea of how they will look in you space. We will get your approval before any work begins. Professional installation with adherence to the highest standards and local building codes.

Trusted Professional CraftsmenCAM01668

Some companies say that they have skilled craftsman, but we often see mistakes and shortcuts that can be safety hazards and can be dangerous to you and your family. Our Metal Spiral Stairs are made of high quality materials, designed by top quality engineers, and welded with exacting precision by experienced industry welders. We stand by work quality and have references available upon request.

We cab also add decorative features to match other elements in your home, add decorative railings, iron fences, and security gates.

For Metal Spiral Stairs in Sarasota, call us at (941) 924-5533 Tampa (813) 321-7939.